Formed in 1994, in Toulouse, France, by Jean-Michel, the 689EYES project proposes a loud, dark, hypnotic and mechanical type of music. After several destructive live-shows and different members, the line-up stabilizes around Jean-Michel and Helene. Sound generating machines add a fundamental element to the duo's instrumentals.

March 96 sees the release of the 2nd demo tape "Concretion", a homogenic crossover between different music styles such as noise, metal, cold and even hiphop. End '96, the biomechanical duo becomes trio after Sylvain (live projections act) joins the band, adding a new extreme visual side to 689EYES live performances. In 4 years, the band has played around 30 gigs and has been the subject to more than positive critics.

When the band releases its 3rd demotape "Interferences" (oct 97), musical maturity is obvious. Songs are introspections in the depths of abyss; Introverted and very virulent, the music of 689EYES is always summoning itself, developing weird atmospheres in which a organic/mechanical duality is revealed...

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